Happy Fourth of July

 Happy Fourth of July!   This weekend is about many different thing…. Independence & Freedom, Family & Cookouts, Togetherness & Teamwork I was watching a movie Rocky II A man, just a man becomes something infamous… His Appeal, he is tough yet still a child. He has DETERMINATION! That’s what the fourth is about … Being tough all


Spanking Homework | FSOG Lifestyle | Pink Cheek Challenge We had a fantastic chat about spankings. You can do the challenge even if you were not at chat… so stop lurking and get involved here…get your spank on. LOL! We will report next Tuesday, July 8th 9pm Eastern on the next live CHAT.    


 With BDSM & the D/s-M Lifestyle there’s spankings for punishment and another for pleasure. The pleasure spanking is done in playtime or a scene… It involves lots of fun (toys) and learning about each other. There is pinching and rubbing of other areas, (WARM UP). Where in a true punishment spanking there’s no warm up..just as when

Swing from the chandelier

 I watched this video this morning… I couldn’t sleep… It spoke to me. Not exactly how the lyrics read but I am going to SWING FROM THE CHANDELIER…… We are now going into our third year as D/s-M and I feel myself wanting more.. more experiences. I talk to Sir in downtime about my feelings.

FSOG Lifestyle How Do We Begin

I get this question almost everyday. “How Do We Begin?”  You want the FSOG Lifestyle? This journey is what you BOTH make of it. Both parties have responsibilities they will be accountable for. D/s is a lifestyle and NOT a weekend warrior thing either.. Not just kink/sex… You feed each others Heart (soul), Brain (mind),


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